Who we are

Who We Are

Treatment & Learning Center

 for Children With Autism



The Treatment and Learning Center for children with autism (TLC) was founded in 2009. It is the only full time center-based treatment center in East Texas, accepting children from 18 months of age to 21. It provides individualized treatment to each child, teaching functional skills by integrating children into their natural learning environments and reducing the need for one-on-one training. TLC teaches others who work with the child how to utilize ABA (parents, family, care givers, teachers, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.). TLC works closely with families to identify the priority skills for each child.

In our beautiful 5400 square foot clinic, our highly trained teachers and therapists, under the careful watch of board certified behavior analysts provide daily therapy, treatment, and teaching to learners with autism and other disabilities.  Our clinic includes seven classrooms, a large activity room, four bathrooms (offering plenty of room for LOTS of effective potty training), office space, a laundry room, a fully operational kitchen, a cafeteria, a play deck, and a large, fenced, yard.  The clinic is located at 1710 West Front, in the heart of Tyler Texas, right next door to the nationally acclaimed, award winning, Tyler Municipal Rose Garden.


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1710 W Front St*


Tyler, TX


*Next to the Tyler Rose Garden






Thank you for your interest in the Treatment and Learning Center for children with Autism.